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What are Slixa’s available features?

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Slixa Verified

Our Photo Verification, is a simple process and lets our site visitors know that the photos in your profile have been verified by Slixa as authentic. We do *not* require any identifying information from you to get photo verified!

To verify your photos, simply login to your verification page:

Pause & Resume Your Ads 

Create, pause, resume, and delete your ads at the touch of a button & pay only when you're live.

You can read more about this feature at the direct link below: 

Available Now


We have our “Available Now” status feature that can help get you more exposure when you’re available for booking on relatively short notice (within a few hours). To set your status to “Available Now” just click on the Ads tab at the top of your dashboard and hover over the black “Available Now” button near the top right of the page to select your city. 

You can read more about this feature at the direct link below: 

Available now via SMS

We've made it even easier to set your "available now" status! You can set your Available Now status by sending a text message to the Slixa automated system.  

To do this, send a text to our toll free number (855-467-5492) and type "set me to available now" or words to that effect. 

Provided that you're sending the text from the number you gave us on signup or the number in your profile, our system will recognize the message is coming from you and will automatically set your status.

Distance Dating Profile Upgrade

Do you offer digital services or virtual ways for your clients to connect with you? Then you offer “Distance Dating”. :)

The Distance Dating upgrade includes the following:

  • Inclusion in the “Distance Dating” Category on your city page
  • Inclusion in the Distance Dating dedicated browse page prominently linked from the homepage
  • Prominent link to “Distance Dating” dedicated browse page weekly digest that goes out to over 35,000 Slixa viewers

The Distance Dating profile upgrade is free. To qualify for this new upgrade you must at a minimum have a Basic ad or Daily ad.

Activate this upgrade by visiting your Profile Editor page and selecting the “Distance Dating” Upgrade option.

Gift Me Activation

With Slixa’s “Gift me” feature, you have the option of activating a “Gift Me” button on your Slixa profile so viewers can gift you directly. It’s super easy to activate. Head to your Slixa profile now and add at least one method for accepting gifts!

Please note, you must have a paid ad and at least 1 link added to your gift area to qualify.

Refer a Friend

If you have some friends who could benefit from Slixa advertising and our new Distance Dating feature, now is the perfect time to refer them!

Get 30 credits in 2 easy steps:

  1. Refer a friend by sharing your affiliate URL located in your dashboard that uniquely identifies you as the referrer. 
  2. When your friends sign up, and make their first purchases, you both receive the 30 bonus credits within 24 hours of purchase.

Check your own Slixa transactions regularly to see all of your 30 referral credits stacking up!

And the best news … “Cha Ching” … there is no limit to the number of friends you can bring!

Having lots of friends has never been so rewarding. ;)

Introducing our newest offering, designed to easily connect interested viewers with your online services – without the hassle of a payment processor or payment app.  Slixa LIVE uses the powerful tools of global cam leader Flirt4Free to provide viewers a seamless transition from your Slixa Profile to your digital offerings, and allows you to earn passive income from clips and fan clubs, engage in traditional camming for tips, or schedule private 1-on-1 secure video sessions with favorite clients.  And you set the price for all of it.  Learn more here.

BDSM/Tantra Verification

The BDSM/Tantra Pro badge lets viewers know you have a professional history that includes community participation and expert training.  

To learn more visit your "Verification" page when logged into  your account here:

Hide your Profile

Hiding your profile is free, and allows you to “pause” your Slixa presence while taking a temporary break or vacation. 

You can read more about this feature at the direct link below: 

Add to Profiles

When activated this upgrade ads your thumbnail to all the free profiles in your city if you are running a Basic/Premium/City Billboard. If you are running a National ad this ads your thumbnail to all the free profiles in the country.  

Slixa Bumps

Bumps give your Ad a secure location to the top of the city page you're advertising in for 2 hours at a time.  Bumps cost 3 credits per bump, and  you can automatically schedule bumping your ad or do it manually. 

You can read more about this feature at the direct link below: 

Scheduled Start

With Slixa’s ad scheduling feature, you can set the date you want your ad to start.

You will not be charged any credits till your ad goes live on the selected date, and you can schedule up to a year in advance (neato)!

You can read more about this feature at the direct link below:  

Slixa VIP


Our VIP profile upgrade makes you the star of the show with a stunning more sophisticated layout and inclusion in one of the most exclusive categories on our site! VIP profiles are an additional 2 credits per day in addition to your paid ad. 

You can read more about this feature at the direct link below:

Service Professional Directory

The Slixa Service Professionals Directory is your first stop for finding industry-friendly pros who are excited to help take your business to the next level. From professional videographers and photographers, to web designers, assistants, and copywriters, the Pros listed here take their work as seriously as you do.

To find your next photographer, web designer, tax professional, assistant... look here:  

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