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What is the difference between a profile and an ad? - Knowledgebase / Provider / Profile - Slixa Helpdesk

What is the difference between a profile and an ad?

Your Slixa Profile is where people learn about you. Your profile contains your photos, contact information, and marketing text.  Profiles are free on Slixa and many advertisers use their profile for direct marketing purposes by linking to it from various sites, social media outlets or boards.  

This is what a Profile looks like...

Slixa Ads help people to find you. Ads "advertise" your Slixa Profile with a thumbnail image on the Slixa city page(s) that you choose. When a visitor to clicks on your thumbnail ad, they're taken to your profile, where they can find out more about you and contact you for an appointment.

This is what Ads on city pages can look like...

In order to see the results of Slixa's highly qualified traffic, you need both a profile (so people can learn about you) and at least one ad (so people can find you). 

There is a cost for ads on our city pages as this is what drives traffic to your profile. Having an ad on Slixa is what allows you to get inquiries for bookings from our visitors. 

You can view the various ad types we have available and associated pricing by visiting the link below. Be sure to select your city from the city drop-down menu on the left and the ads and pricing will appear to the right.

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