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What are the available ad types? - Knowledgebase / Provider / Ads - Slixa Helpdesk

What are the available ad types?

Slixa has four beautiful Ad types.


City Billboard Ads  are 7 day ads and give you excellent city-specific exposure. A huge image of your choice is displayed to every visitor on your chosen city page, and a free basic ad is included with guaranteed top-of-the-page placement. Your ad will rotate in a slideshow along with other billboard ads in that city. If you want to grab the attention of everyone in a specific city, a City Ad is the way to do it!

National Ads give you wide national reach if you seek maximum exposure, are a touring advertiser, or offer FMTY services. Your featured image will randomly display on the Slixa home page with other National advertisers, on all city pages nationwide, and in a secured ad position in the city you’re currently in. 


Basic Ads are 24 hour ads that automatically renew every 24 hours and typically run for a full month with a 60 credit package purchase.  Slixa Basic ads  (which are far from “Basic”) are 4 times the size of standard ads on other sites. Basic ads rotate through all the non-secure positions for equal placement in your city. Our Basic ad is ideal for our budget conscious advertisers who want to dip their toes into trying out what exposure on Slixa can do for your traffic and views.

Premium Ads are 24 hour ads that automatically renew every 24 hours and typically run for a full month with a minimum 100 credit package purchase. Premium ads ensure your ad will stand out among the others in your city, with a thumbnail twice the size of our Basic ad type. Its position on the page rotates just like Basic ads, but the increased size draws immediate attention. Our Premium Thumbnail upgrade is a great way to make your ads POP on our search results page, instantly increasing your exposure. Double your thumbnail size and you’re likely to double the attention you’ll get!

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