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What are credits and how do they work? - Knowledgebase / Provider / Credits - Slixa Helpdesk

What are credits and how do they work?

The link to our pricing page is below. Select your city from the drop-down menu on the left and the ad types available to you and their associated costs will appear to the right.

Our credit system allows for a great deal of flexibility!The credits in your account are not tied to any specific ad. So for example, you can pause a base ad and credits will stop being deducted while you're running a visiting ad in another city. You are only charged for the days your ads run.  At any time you can resume an ad, pause an ad or delete an ad.

Our available credit packages are:

Standard Packages:*

  • $30 - 30 credits **
  • $60 - 60 credits
  • $100 - 100 credits 
  • $150 - 170 credits (includes 20 bonus credits)
  • $350 – 420 credits (includes 70 bonus credits)

Super Bonus Packages:*

  • $500 - 600 credits (includes 100 bonus credits)
  • $1000 - 1200 credits (includes 200 bonus credits)
  • $2000 – 2400 credits (includes 400 bonus credits)
  • $3000 – 3600 credits (includes 600 bonus credits)
  • $4000 – 4800 credits (includes 800 bonus credits)

As you can see, discounts are already built-in. When you purchase large credit packages you can reduce your per credit cost by as much as 20%.

Slixa credits have no monetary value beyond the terms in our refund policy.

*Pricing shown in USD. For purchases outside of the USA, pricing on the purchase page will be shown, and charged in the local currency

**Only available in select cities

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