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How to get TANTRA verified? - Knowledgebase / Provider / Tantra/BDSM Verification - Slixa Helpdesk

How to get TANTRA verified?

You can start yourTANTRA verification here: 

Or you can access your Slixa account and click on your stage name on the top right.

Select the Verification tab:

Scroll down until you find the TANTRA section and click on "Begin TANTRA verification" 

Here are the things we look for. We don't need everything, but the more the better, so we can get you verified quickly.

- References to TANTRA services in your Slixa profile.

- References to TANTRA services on your personal website.

- An online history of TANTRA ads on other provider sites.

- Active participation in online TANTRA forums or are active in the TANTRA online community.

- Qualified references from educators, trainers, or established members of the TANTRA community.

- If you’ve attended TANTRA training courses, we can try to verify it based on these. Please note we are not here to verify training or skills, we simply use this as evidence of community involvement.

- If you know other Slixa entertainers with the TANTRA Professional designation who will vouch for the professional TANTRA services you offer.

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