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How do I Distance Date?

With the dramatic and fundamental changes brought about to our industry because of COVID19, Slixa was excited to introduce the new profile upgrade for Distance Dating, allowing advertisers to continue to capitalize on our record traffic by promoting online-only interactions with viewers and clients.

It just made sense, that Slixa advertisers would be ready to pivot to online work and primed for success in a way that few others would be.

What we learned quickly though, is that there’s a (sometimes steep) learning curve to successful online work. And that it may not be what some folks are able or want to do with their quarantine and stay-at-home time. Things like security concerns, brand misalignment, and even just the practical and technical worries of creating content or broadcasting live can make online work seem insurmountable for some.

But Slixa’s prime directive is now, as it has always been: to help you succeed.

Which is why we are pleased to introduce our new Distance Dating education series, designed to offer advice, practical tips, and reviews of apps, platforms, and services. We've will tackled  different topics relating to Distance Dating, breaking down the best tools for the job, and highlighting valuable advice from a community member who is already succeeding in that space.

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