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What is Slixa's "Refer a Friend" all about? - Knowledgebase / Provider / Refer a Friend! - Slixa Helpdesk

What is Slixa's "Refer a Friend" all about?

Refer a Friend

If you have some friends who could benefit from Slixa advertising and our new Distance Dating feature, now is the perfect time to refer them!

Get 30 credits in 2 easy steps:

  1. Refer a friend by sharing your affiliate URL that uniquely identifies you as the referrer. This can be found in your dashboard or you can email us at and we can send it to you.
  2. When your friends sign up, and make their first purchases, you both receive the 30 bonus credits within 24 hours of purchase.

Check your own Slixa transactions regularly to see all of your 30 referral credits stacking up!

And the best news … “Cha Ching” … there is no limit to the number of friends you can bring!

Having lots of friends has never been so rewarding. ;)

To locate your affiliate url login and view your dashboard here: 

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